Going - Soft. 

Ballybough Mary (IRE) 11-11

Shirocco (GER) - In Sync (IRE)(Oscar (IRE))
Breeder - Mrs Noreen O'Donovan

Ian McCarthy
J C Barry
loading past form
chased leaders in 3rd, challenged before 2out, beaten in 3rd frm 2out, 4l 2nd and no impression on leader when left lead and hampered at last
Ramble West (IRE) 11-11

Leading Light (IRE) - Lady Moon (FR)(Monsun (GER))
Breeder - Brian Moran

Colin Bowe
B O'Neill
loading past form
mid-div, progress halfway, 2nd 5out, 3rd after 3out, close 2nd 2out, no extra after 2out, drpd to 3rd when left 2nd and hampered last
Present Road (IRE) 11-11

Presenting (GB) - Golan Road (IRE)(Golan (IRE))
Breeder - Mr Seamus P Neville

Michael C. Griffin
Derek O'Connor
loading past form
lead/disputed frm 2nd, sl advantage before 5out, going best after 2out, ran around when asserting before last, 4l advantage when fell last
Knocknagappagh (IRE) 11-11

Getaway (GER) - Eimears Oscar (IRE)(Oscar (IRE))
Breeder - Jerry Russell

Philip Fenton
R James
loading past form
towards rear, mistake 3rd, progress in 4th when mistake 5out, close 4th well after 3out, weakened well before 2out and pulled up before 2out
Trickalight (IRE) 11-11

Leading Light (IRE) - Horner Mill (IRE)(Vinnie Roe (IRE))
Breeder - Miriam & John Murphy

John H Murphy
L J Murphy
loading past form
mid-div, 5th frm 4th, close 3rd before 3out, weakened in 5th well after 3out, behind when pulled up before 2out
Jerpoint Jess (IRE) 11-6

Ocovango (GB) - Good Time In Milan (IRE)(Milan (GB))
Breeder - Michael Wemyss

J V Redmond
N J Redmond
loading past form
towards rear of mid-div, sl hampered 1st, 7th frm 5th, close en 7th before 3out, weakened after 3out and behind when pulled up before 2out
Good Young Cosker (IRE) 11-11

Libertarian (GB) - Silver Set (IRE)(Accordion)
Breeder - James Keegan and Jeff Hamilton

J P Berry
S E O'Rourke
loading past form
chased leaders, drpd to 6th from 5th, 7th when mistake 7th and drpd rear, pulled up after 7th
Coolafulaun (IRE) 11-6

Camacho (GB) - Win Cash (IRE)(Alhaarth (IRE))
Breeder - Mrs Ann Fortune

Mary E Doyle
B T Stone
loading past form
always last and waited with, moderate last before 3out, behind when pulled up before 2out
Mulberry Hill (IRE) 11-11

Califet (FR) - Massini Rose (IRE)(Dr Massini (IRE))
Breeder - Patrick Griffin

David Harry Kelly
J W Hannon
loading past form
towards rear, 9th by 4th, sl progress frm 5out, 6th before 3out, weakened in 6th after 3out, behind when pulled up before 2out
Western Pet (IRE) 11-11

Westerner (GB) - Florida Pet (IRE)(Reprimand)
Breeder - Richard Cavanagh

Raymond M. Cody
S Cavanagh
loading past form
lead, joined 2nd, disputed until weakened before 5out, drpd behind and pulled up before 4out
Off 12.30
Time 6m. 49.00 secs

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